about hip hop hen


The co-founders of hip hop hen who are passionate and dedicated teachers in the UK. Their aim is to raise the standard of early literacy education and give children the best possible start to learning letter sounds (phonics).


Before learning to read or spell – children must learn the letters of the alphabet and what sounds (phonemes) they represent. Our first three phonics-based apps help children understand that a written letter or groups of letters such as ‘sh’ represents one sound (phoneme). There are 44 phonemes in the English language to learn. Learning to pair letters and sounds accelerates 'reading readiness'.

WHAT IS hip hop hen?

hip hop hen apps were launched in 2014 as EDITORS' CHOICE and FEATURED on Kids' Store for iPad. Our first 3 learning game apps: 'abc flashcard songs', 'abc jigsaw' and 'abc letter tracing' are specially built to introduce children to hear, read and write early phonics sounds in an easy, fun imaginative way. Ideal kids' games for boys and girls aged 2 - 4 year olds. These first 3 educational apps are part of a complete phonics reading scheme.


hip hop hen apps provide the perfect foundation to reading that complements major phonics programmes and school curriculums such as the UK (Government approved) Primary National Strategy – Letters and Sounds – Phase 2 and the start of Phase 3. ‘abc flashcard songs’ and 'abc jigsaw' contain 26 single letter sounds and 9 consonant digraphs such as ‘th’, ‘ck’ and ‘ch’. It is important that children learn these sounds at the same time as single letter sounds as they appear in many frequently-used words.


  • Speaking and listening
  • Communication and language development 
  • Joining in with rhythmic patterns
  • Identify sounds in words for reading
  • Phonetic awareness
  • Finishing rhyming sentences
  • Observation
  • Concentration and attention
  • Problem solving skills
  • Recognition of familiar words, pictures and own name
  • Fine and gross motor control and co-ordination
  • Moving, handling and operating age-appropriate software
  • Arranging objects to create
  • Being imaginative
  • Shape and pattern matching
  • Perfect foundation to reading
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hip hop hen is a proud Moms with Apps member, we follow the ‘know what’s inside’ – best privacy practices for kids’ apps.

All our apps have age-appropriate content and are safe for all children and can be used in the classroom or at home. 

No in-app purchases or third party advertising so your child can play uninterrupted and at their own pace.

Personal information will never be shared.

Parent gate to keep children safe from social media.

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about Sophie

Sophie graduated from Durham University with a First Class Honours Degree in Combined Social Sciences. She then completed the Graduate Teacher Programme, qualifying with ‘outstanding’. Sophie taught in Early Years and Primary Education for 5 years. Sophie then joined a social-policy think-tank – The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) – to be their lead researcher on ‘educational failure'. Whilst Sophie was at the CSJ she further witnessed the blight of illiteracy in the UK.

Sophie left the CSJ to pursue her dream to create and publish a systematic, synthetic phonics reading scheme. Sophie has meticulously researched and written this ground-breaking scheme to engage children to read in a fun and highly achievable format.

about Daisy

Daisy studied and taught the Montessori teaching method before gaining a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education. Whilst teaching Reception, Daisy was quickly promoted to Head of Early Years. Daisy opened her first nursery school in 2006 after gaining the Early Years Professional Status. Due to popularity and a huge demand for places, Miss Daisy’s Nursery opened a second school in 2010 and a third school opened in 2014. The Miss Daisy's Nursery School's group are considered to offer the best possible care and learning environment for early years education in central London.

Daisy brings her expert experience, creativity and wide knowledge of primary education to hip hop hen.

about Ben

Ben is hip hop hen’s much-loved children’s illustrator. Before hip hop hen he wrote 2 books:

  • A Crocodile’s Favourite Thing
  • London ABC