Fun Ways to Learn Sounds & Letter Sounds

Always remember before your child can start learning to read, they need to be very confident with their letter sounds.


Step 1

Before your child can recognise and learn their letter sounds, they must be able to listen to and make fun sounds, which they will hear in the world around them.


Sound Listening Games

As you know we live in a noisy world. But, remember to a young child all the sounds are new and often they are hearing them for the first time. Therefore, it is important to play listening games in the world around you to build up the child’s auditory development and listening skills.

Whilst out and about ask your child, “What can you hear?” and “What sound does that make?”

Many children’s first words will be jumbled sounds to identify objects, such as bruuum bruuum for car or daa daa for tractor. Encourage your child to listen to sounds when you are at home and outside.

Point out and make sounds such as:

Make your voice go down a slide – wheee! Click castanets – ck ck ck ck ck
Make your voice bounce like a ball – boing, boing Lick lolly pops – ll ll ll
Sound really disappointed – oh Gently moo like a cow – mmoooo
Keep everyone quiet – shshshsh Make a cat noise – meeeow
Sneeze loudly – aachoooo Make the sound of an aeroplane – nnnnnnnn
Look astonished – oooooo! Puff out candles – pp pp ppp
Be a steam train – chchchchch Make an elephant noise – paaaaw
Be a clock – tick tock Growl like a dog with a rag – rrrr rrrr
Make a car noise – bruuum bruuuum Ribbit like a frog – ribbit ribbit
Baaa like a sheep – baa baaa Hiss like a snake – ssssss
Be a police car – neeenooor Toot like a train – toot toot
Make a horse hoof noise – clip clop Tweet like a bird – tweet tweet
Drum on a drum – d d d d d d Tick tock like a clock – tick tock tick tock
Eat hot food – h h h h Vroom like a race car – vroom, vroom
Growl like a monster – grrrrr grrrrr Make wind noises – whooooo whoooo
Squeak like a mouse – ii ii ii ii Woof like a dog – whoof whoop
Make a donkey noise – ee-or ee-or Make large yawns – yawwwn
Oink like a pink – oink oink Buzz like a bumble bee – zzzzzzz


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