Letter Formations Sayings

How do you teach a child how to form letters correctly?

Firstly, check out our brilliant Soundabet Video - All the Letters Make a Sound which is a perfect way to introduce a child to letter shapes and letter sounds.

Secondly, hip hop hen has created:

26 brilliant letter characters (see the picture above) alongside 26 'letter formation sayings' (see below) to help children learn to write and form letters.

These ‘letter formation sayings’ are found in both our:

abc letter tracing app - (this is a fab game for kids to practise their handwriting on an iPad or iPhone). 

abc letter tracing workbook - (this is a FREE downloadable workbook – we are biased – but, it is brilliant. Have fun colouring and tracing the alphabet).


 Letter Formation Sayings:


a – Curve around the apple, up to the leaf, down and flick.


b – Down the bat, go back up half way, and then curve round the ball.


c – Curve around Catherine Caterpillar.


d – Curve around Don Dog’s back, go up to his head, and then go down and flick.


e  - Start at Eddie Elephant’s eye, curve around his ear, and down his trunk.


f – Start at Freddie Frog’s eyes, go down his body to his feet, and then cross his arms.


g – Curve around Goldie Gorilla’s face, go up to her glasses, then slide down her arm and curve to the grapes.


h – Straight down Hip Hop Hen to her foot, then go back up half way, and curve over her back and flick.


i – Straight down Insect Izzy and flick, and then dot her face. 


j – Straight down Jamie Jellyfish and then curve, then dot his face.


k – Straight down Kangaroo Kate to her foot, go back up half way, and then curve around and kick out and flick.


l – Straight down Louis Lion and flick.


m – Down Millie Mouse’s ear, then go up and curve around to her whiskers, then go up and curve round again and flick.


n  - Down to Nat Newt’s tail, then go back up, and curve around to his head and flick. 


o – Curve around Ottie Octopus’s face, and finish where you start. 


p – Straight down Pip Pig, go back up to the top, and curve round.


q – Curve round the Queen’s head, and up to her crown, go down her hair and flick.


r – Straight down Red Rabbit to his tail, go back up, and curve to his face.


s - Curve half way round Sophie Snake, and then curve half way back, and finish at her tail.


t – Straight down the train tracks and curve, then cross the tracks.


u – Down Uppie Umbrella and round, go up, down and flick.


v – Go diagonally down Viv Vulture to her head, and then diagonally up the other side.


w – Start at William Whale’s tail, go diagonally down, diagonally up, and then again, diagonally down, and diagonally up.


x – Diagonally cross the bones, pick up your pen, and diagonally cross them the other way.


y – Down the Yellow Yak’s horn, curve up to the other horn, then go down and curve around.


z – Zoom across Zak Zebra, zoom back, and then zoom and stop.


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