Importance of Singing

Research demonstrates that children who have an understanding of rhyming words have a head-start when learning to read. Experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are usually among the best readers by the time they are eight.

So, how do you introduce nursery rhymes? Start with the simple, short rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sing the nursery rhyme to your child with actions and lots of facial expressions to capture your child’s interest. Slowly, as the child becomes more familiar with the rhyme they will join in and say parts of the rhyme themselves or even finish the line. Children love it if you make deliberate, silly mistakes - try it and see if your child corrects you! Miss Daisy recommends to sing a variety of rhymes together in the morning, in the car, whilst walking or getting ready for bed. The child will soon have their favourite rhymes which they will request to be sung. The children at Miss Daisy’s Nursery’s are loving singing hip hop hen's fun and catchy rhyming songs for each letter sound: abc flashcard songs app - to download the app - click here. 



              hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs


Singing is vital to a child’s learning journey. Singing helps children accelerate many developmental skills such as: listening and cooperative skills, coordination and exercising of the tongue and lips, gross and fine motor skills (through creative movement and keeping the beat), listening and memory skills, self-control and concentration. Singing also enhances the growth of the imagination and helps develop a child's sense of achievement.

Another important area of learning that is enriched by singing is speech and language skills. Singing gives a child verbal self-confidence and helps develops an enthusiasm to communicate. Singing also provides an opportunity to teach children rhythm, phrasing, patterning, storytelling and vocal imitation. Not only does singing tick numerous early developmental skills but, it also floods the brain with endorphins making it a fun way of learning.




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