Learning Through Labels

Give your child a head start by creating a ‘visual/print rich’ environment.

You can create a print-rich environment through labelling. It is widely acknowledged that by labelling objects in the home and a classroom helps your toddler and pre-schooler develop pre-reading skills as well as independence and self-directed learning. 

For many children – the fact that a symbol (letter) makes a sound and combining letters makes a word is very abstract. So, by labelling familiar objects by having words placed strategically next to or on an item that the word represents, children will be given greater opportunity to associate the words to the objects and promote letter and word recognition to encourage reading. If the child is involved in labelling a room – the labels can also be used to help develop sorting and organisational skills as well as turning tidying-up time into a valuable learning opportunity.

hip hop hen has created beautiful labels for the home and classroom out of their specially designed letter characters. 

The co-creators of hip hop hen are teachers, so they know how many labels you need in a classroom! Sophie and Daisy did not stop at making labels to label a chair and the bin. Amazingly, we have 150 stunning labels for the classroom and 36 labels for the home to download for FREE. 

Labelling is just one way for a child to interact with a print-rich environment and to introduce pre-schoolers to the reading and writing process. It is important to give a child many different opportunities to be made aware of other forms of print in ways that are meaningful to them. Books and other reading material are an essential part of a young child’s literacy experience as well as:

street signs

food labels

brands and advertvertisments

shop signs

shopping lists...

Along with labelling - these all help to contribute to early reading skills. As young children experience different types of print, they learn what letters and words mean in different contexts.

**GET LABELLING** Download our hip hop hen labels for FREE:



**WIN** Send us a photo of your labelled classroom or home and WIN free hip hop hen a-z canvas. 

**LOVE YOUR LABEL**  For best results – to increase the life of the label it can be laminated– but, not essential.

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