The Learning Power of a Jigsaw



Jigsaws Puzzles are Vital for Learning...

Studies show that assembling jigsaw puzzles incorporate many early learning goals / skills for children – making a jigsaw puzzle a vital learning tool to accelerate many areas of learning development.

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best educational toys that are available to buy. Jigsaw puzzles are the preferred manipulative material, second only to Legos® in daily use in classrooms around the world.

Physical, cognitive and emotional skills all play a valuable part in completing a jigsaw puzzle.


Physical skills...

Hand-eye coordination coupled with fine and gross motor control is needed to manipulate the jigsaw piece into the correct position. Developing this physical dexterity are all key skills and fast-track children ability to transition into handwriting.

Jigsaw puzzles are fantastic for kinaesthetic learners who, learn most effectively by engaging in practical hands-on activities.




Cognitive skills...

Completing a jigsaw puzzle requires critical thinking which, incorporate elements of sequencing, planning, logic, strategy and problem solving skills so that the child can arrange objects to create. Therefore, the child has to be able to use these logic and spatial skills to experiment with different strategies such as – sorting and recognising shapes as well as colour and pattern matching. This element of problem solving requires the child to observe, analysis and categorise relationships and patterns of shapes as well and use a visual memory to recall the sequence of trial and error to be successful.



Emotional skills...

This trial and error involved in completing a jigsaw, lets children make mistakes as 'getting it wrong is part and parcel of getting it right'. This process requires emotional skills such as – concentration, attention perseverance and patience. Then the child is rewarded with a sense of satisfaction and achievement which, will boost their self esteem.



hip hop hen’s abc jigsaw app
hip hop hen knew the importance of a jigsaw puzzle for a child’s educational learning journey so we launched hip hop hen: abc jigsaw app which as been featured on the App Store in the kids' section and in 'Best New Apps'. The learning objective of this app is for children to become familiar with letter shapes and sounds through assembling letter jigsaw puzzles. Our abc jigsaw game is being used in many schools and feed-back from this app has been incredible.



                                                               hip hop hen: abc jigsaw




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