hip hop hen - the future of phonics reading

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Dubbed the #futureofphonics hip hop hen is designed to make learning to read easy and, most importantly, fun. Coming soon.

Our hip hop hen team will be publishing updates to hip hop hen shortly!

Back in 2014, our first hip hop hen phonics app 'abc flashcard songs' went straight to no 1 kids app and Editor's Choice as well as being awarded Best on the App Store.

Since then, we (two teachers) have meticulously researched, developed and written a complete phonics reading programme, which is directly inline with the Government's national strategy and which is different to many other phonics schemes.

Currently, and rather distressingly, children’s reading books do not compliment the curriculum that sets out how phonics is taught in the classroom. In short, most books are not decodable and as the child gets better at reading, the text just gets longer and smaller and often includes sounds that the children are yet to be taught. This means children learn by sight, guesswork and their own methodologies. They might ‘get-by’ this way for reading but these strategies do not work for spelling.

We are here to make learning phonics easy. hip hop hen’s first library of phonics books will provide children with the content to support their phonics learning journey from learning the alphabet through to split digraphs. When our hip hop hen programme is read sequentially, we ensure that none of the books contain any words that the child has not covered before, which encourages reading success and confidence.

We have made learning to read simple and fun. Presently, the majority of parents (let alone teachers) are confused by phonics, which is not a surprise. It is a minefield. Which level? Which band? Which spelling pattern? What is a phoneme? What is a grapheme? What is blending, segmenting and decoding? STOP! It does not have to be like this. hip hop hen is the answer. All you have to do is read a book a week from the hip hop hen library, following our step by step programme for reading success. One-stop-shop. No more tears. Simple.

We are the first phonics programme to use one illustrator and to be set in a funky world that lights up imaginations and nurtures a love of reading. Each book (adventure) includes some of our five main characters, Hip Hop Hen, Don Dog, Red Rabbit, Sam Cat and Pip Pig. We can not wait for you to meet them.